Race Season Update


Jason Hathaway and Team 3 Red have had a rough go of it so far this season; although their performance has been stellar, influences beyond their control have dealt them setback after setback. The season opener was disappointing for the team, where, after leading for most of the race, Jason finished 9th after a spin-out caused by another driver with just two laps to go.

Next came Sunset Speedway, on June 18. Qualifying 12th, Jason worked his way up to the 9th spot within just 11 laps, but an accident on his front door on lap 63 was too close for him to escape unscathed. With some heavy damage to the front end, it was a while before the car was track ready again, and Hathaway could only focus on regaining a bit of ground before the end of the race by the time he hit the pavement again. Hathaway finished 17th at Sunset Speedway. You can watch some of the action from Hathaway’s dash camera during the Sunset Speedway race here:

Check out Hathaway’s interview with CANrace here, shot between the second and third races of the season:


Optimism was high when Hathaway headed to the Autodrome Chaudiere on June 24th, as he was going in as the defending 2-time winner at the track. Starting 13th, Hathaway made it made it to 6th within just 10 laps. He rocketed up to 4th in the second half of the race, but within the final laps Hathaway slid back to 7th as the track cooled and handling on the #3 car tightened up.

Heading into the 4th race of the season this weekend at Circuit ICAR, the team is really looking for some points to try to remain in contention for the season championship. You can catch all the Pinty’s Series racing action all summer long on TSN; be sure to cheer Jason on! Here’s the full race schedule for the 2016 season.Check out Jason’s full Pinty Series stats here and check out his NASCAR Home Tracks video here.


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The beautiful and historic downtown; Uxbridge, Ontario

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The ever-popular Demolition Derby at the Uxbridge Fall Fair

First Race of the Season!

The first race of the 2016 NASCAR Pinty’s Series season was this past Sunday, and Team 3 Red definitely hit the ground running. Driver Jason Hathaway gave an amazing performance in Bowmanville at the Clarington 200, clawing his way to the top of the pack multiple times after each set-back, and would have taken home a win barring a bit of a nudge that made him spin-out with two laps to go.

The Team 3 Red car, sittin’ pretty on the track

Going in to Sunday night’s race at the Bowmanville Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, Hathaway was starting in the 6th position. With some quick maneuvering, he slingshot himself into the lead position, and managed to hold on to it for most of the race. After a pit-stop, he dropped to the 9th position and amazingly managed to claw his way back to the top once again. Hathaway led a career-high of 31 laps total throughout the night. But with just a few laps remaining, Hathaway was nudged off track from behind, with Alex Labbe dragged along. First place went to Andrew Ranger, with a number of cars sneaking in to fill the gap after him, while Hathaway and Labbe jumped back into the thick of things too late to regain their hard-fought places. Hathaway finished the race in 9th place. Still, his stellar performance throughout the bulk of the race should speak volumes about his potential for the 2016 season; despite an unfortunate finishing place, Hathaway definitely deserves some kudos. Coming off his best season ever in 2015, he is definitely primed to top the podium this year.

Check out Jason’s full Pinty Series stats here and check out his NASCAR Home Tracks video here. You can catch all the Pinty’s Series racing action all summer long on TSN; be sure to cheer Jason on! Here’s the full race schedule for the 2016 season.

NASCAR Drive for Diversity

NASCAR has been dominated by white males since its inception; considering its beginnings in the southern United States by bootleggers, this is hardly a surprising fact. The melting-pot slant on multiculturalism the U.S.A. subscribes to, as well as viewer perception, has contributed to the uniformity of the association. Of course, in modern society it is vital that associations of any nature be inclusive and accessible.

To ensure that NASCAR moves forward and adopts more inclusive and accepting membership, the Drive for Diversity program was launched in 2004. The program’s mission statement reads, “to engage women and people of diverse, ethnic, and racial backgrounds in all facets of the NASCAR industry.” The objectives listed by the program cover all the bases:

  • Engage industry stakeholders in efforts to broaden the audience of the sport
  • Increase minority & female on-track participation
  • Introduce career opportunities in the motorsports industry
  • Outreach to multicultural target markets
Drive for Diversity driving candidates training at the gym

While this progressive program continues to expand and develop, there are two main streams to its operation at present; one develops drivers, and one develops pit-crew members (the program also has secondary aims to attract more diverse groups to the fields of sponsorship, ownership and viewership). The Drive for Diversity driver training program accepts applications from experienced drivers; a select number of applicants are sent invitations to attend the Drive for Diversity Combine, an intensive 3-day series of evaluations. Following the Combine, successful candidates are accepted to the development program, which among other benefits gives them access to driving opportunities with an established race team. The Pit Crew Development program trains young minority and female athletes through “hands-on coaching for tire changers, tire carriers, fuelers and jackmen, as well as weight training, agility and footwork programs.”

The Drive for Diversity program has developed numerous female drivers, like these ladies getting some driving in at the track

Be sure to check out this video for the Pit Crew Development Program; it really highlights the athleticism, and high skill-level required to succeed in the program. All of these young men and women were athletes at highly competitive levels, and were looking for new opportunities when they left their respective sports.

NASCAR has also established an internship program for multicultural undergraduate and graduate students, allowing them to network in the industry and work on special projects in varying departments. There are also a number of scholarship funds available to American black and Hispanic students aimed at increasing NASCAR’s visibility while nurturing and developing a new generation of drivers, crew members and filling various other positions in the industry.

In effect for twelve years now, the Drive for Diversity Program has certainly had a positive effect on the evolving face of NASCAR, if modest on the surface. The three most obvious and successful graduates from the Drive for Diversity Program are certainly Kyle Larson, Darrell Wallace, Jr., and Daniel Suarez, all three currently holding major contracts, and having gained serious media attention in their formative professional years. However the program’s effect may not be obvious in these cases, even to die-hard fans rooting for any of these program graduates. For whatever reason, the program’s influence in the careers of these new, young drivers has not had much coverage in the media. This may be undermining the effectiveness, or at least the appearance of efficacy, of the Drive for Diversity Program. Outside of the program, women in the sport are gaining ground as well, with Danica Patrick being the first female Cup driver to sign a full-season contract. Jennifer Jo Cobb is also a full-time driver, currently running in the Camping World Truck Series.

While the effect seems modest at present, the Drive for Diversity Program most certainly has helped move NASCAR in a more diverse direction. With audience perception oftentimes categorizing the association as broadly white and exclusive, giving increased access to women and ethnic minorities will help diversify the face of NASCAR.




Hathaway’s Outlook for 2016

10505069_548254725279162_6130226721538115242_oTeam 3 Red/ Ed Hakonson Racing is getting ready for the 2016 NASCAR Pinty Series season, and the outlook is pretty great. Coming off his best season ever, driver Jason Hathaway is poised to hit the podium again this year. A slew of victories last season, capturing second place overall in the standings, as well as being named NASCAR Canadian Tire Series Most Popular Driver, has Hathaway and his team feeling optimistic heading into the new season.

Hathaway’s driving career has been on a steady incline since his Pinty’s series debut in 2007. With 8 top ten finishes and 1 in the top five, Jason finished 9th overall in the final standings in his debut year. By 2010, Hathaway had reached a career high of 7th place overall in points, with a grand total of 38 Pinty Series races under his belt, 23 top-ten finishes (10 of which he attained that very season) and 6 top-five finishes.

Hathaway celebrating a first-place victory with his children.

Last season, Hathaway hit the number two slot overall, just narrowly missing first by a few points. He now sits at 68 top-ten finishes and 32 top-five finishes, with his statistics going up every year. He has won 8 Pinty Series races over the course of his career, and we should expect more in 2016. His skill and popularity have grown exponentially within a handful of years, and he was voted Most Popular Driver in 2015 by fans across the country.

Check out Jason’s full Pinty Series stats here and check out his NASCAR Home Tracks video here. You can catch all the Pinty’s Series racing action all summer long on TSN; be sure to cheer Jason on! Here’s the full race schedule for the 2016 season.

Hathaway pulling ahead at the Canadian Tire Motorsports Park in Bowmanville.

Happy Mother’s Day!


With Mother’s Day being this past weekend, it seemed appropriate to take a moment to honour all the moms involved in the racing world. Whether it’s driving kids to the track, helping pay for equipment, supporting a career in racing, or any number of other feats of motherhood, racing moms all deserve some serious credit! We’ve gathered some great stories and articles about even greater racing moms; enjoy!

NASCAR launched a gallery of drivers with their mothers to mark the special occasion. It is common for drivers to mention their mothers in speeches, and of course for mothers to be in attendance on race days. These drivers have credited their mothers with being constant sources of encouragement, patience and advice. Check out the full gallery here.

Fox4 News reported on a number of mothers’, both spectators of the sport and parents of drivers, enjoying the weekend at Kansas Speedway. Danica Patrick and her mother, Bev, were in attendance, with Bev saying the only thing keeping it from being a perfect day for celebrating her being a mother was the absence of her other daughter. Another mother spending time at the track over the weekend, Cheri Rice and her two children are NASCAR fans. Rice claimed that she was glad there was no NASCAR race planned for Sunday night, as “it’s very important for the drivers to spend time with their family,  especially their mothers and their wives on Mother’s Day.”

An excellent article in Autoweek recently highlighted the support given to Chase Elliot by his mother, Cindy. No stranger to supporting NASCAR careers, Cindy was there for Chase’s father throughout his career as a driver as well, and after his retirement, the proud mother’s encouragement and focus all went into Chase’s career. See the story here.

Speaking of NASCAR super-moms, Kyle Larson’s mom– Janet- went above and beyond to support him in his racing development, helping him learn about the sport, even quizzing him on flags and their meanings. She also took it upon herself to document every moment of his early career, meaning she was there for all the events, all the let-downs and all the victories,  and has captured photos and videos of it all, both for training and for posterity’s sake.

This story in the January Gear Junkie looks at an amazing woman named Sveta Vold, who, just weeks after giving birth to her baby girl, competed in the Arrowhead 135 Ultra, considered among the most difficult races in the world. While it’s not auto-racing, it definitely caught our attention. Only about half of entrants typically finish, and this statistic is even lower among newcomers to the track. But Sveta Vold, a first-time entrant to Arrowhead, managed to place third among women entrants, even considering all the pit-stops she was forced to make to pump breast-milk. Impressive!

This last story looks at the incredible off-road 2016 Rallye Aicha des Gazelles (or “the Gazelle Rally”) in Morocco. The Hoehn sisters were competing against their mother and her teammate when they ran into car trouble. Their mom, in typical mom fashion, sacrificed her own finish in order for her daughters’ to get theirs. What’s more, the mother and her teammate didn’t even think about the choice; they had their own transport cannibalised without a second thought, for the sake of the girls.Wow.

And so, to the mothers of the racing world, we hope you enjoyed a wonderful day with your loved ones!



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Fast Eddie Racewear is a small apparel company with huge reach in the automotive scene across Canada. Based out of Uxbridge, Ontario, Fast Eddie is run by a group of motorsports professionals with long personal histories in the automotive industry. This first-hand, intimate knowledge of the industry gives them a distinct edge in understanding their clients’ needs and anticipating trends in design. At Fast Eddie Racewear, every step of the production process is followed through to completion with a personal touch. Having gained a stellar reputation across Canada for quality, comfort and design work, they continue to expand their product lines and offerings, working with new designs, new materials and new clients all the time.

A large part of Fast Eddie’s goal in the procurement and distribution of racing safety gear is to ensure the highest quality products and safest experience possible for anyone involved in racing. Fast Eddie Racewear is the Canadian distributor of Simpson and Impact Racing products, including helmets, suits, shoes, gloves and accessories. Fast Eddie Racewear is a main sponsor, as well as an integral part of the team, for NASCAR Pinty Series’ Team 3 Red, which makes for a great testing ground for their products.

Fast Eddie has also developed product lines for automotive dealers and corporate clients, offering such items as hats, t-shirts, polos, fleece, jackets, and mugs. Fast Eddie Racewear  works with customers on custom orders for events, teams, etc.,; company or team logos, personalized design work and embroidery can all be arranged on a number of materials. To view the spring 2016 catalogue, click the link below.